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Monday, 5 March 2012

Activity One; Introducing Helen

Hi Everyone,
This is certainly a new learning experience for me, exciting but a little scary!  Its great to have many flexible options for learning, and I am a great believer in the process as well as the product, but if the process is stressful because it is so new, then maybe this can detract from the finished product.  There will be many new forums for me to experiment with over the next few weeks, I hope this will be the case for a few of you on this course, so that we can share our experiences and learn from each other.
I am a lecturer in the Hospitality and Tourism departments, I deliver units and integrated modules on the certificate and diploma programmes, I also have a literacy and numeracy coaching role within the Hospitality programme. We have a great teaching space in M block as there are many opportunities for the students to hone their skills by 'doing' while dealing with real customers and gaining authentic feedback, in a safe environment.
The Hospitality department moved down to Forth Street about 3 years ago and its great to be part of the wider Poly community.  I have been here in a part/time capacity for about 8 years and am always looking at different and interesting ways for people to learn.  I have 2 young children and use their experiences with learning to explore different techniques I can use in my teaching.  They too, are far better at setting up and using this type of media!
Looking forward to working with you all.


  1. Welcome Helen. It is great to see you have taken the bold step with blogging. So we can look forward to some yummy pictures appearing soon on your blog? Previous participants from your area kept us hungry with their enticing dishes. You may prefer other delights of course.

    You will have a lot of responsibility in the literacy and numeracy coaching role. Does this require innovation and flexibility in the approaches you help other teachers to design for students?

    Yes the M teaching space is a bonus, and not just for the students. :)

    I am looking forward to hearing about how practical learning is integrated with theoretical material, and discussing your ideas for different approaches to learning. Bron

  2. Hi Helen,
    some people say you have to love food to be a great chef, is that true? do you have to teach people to 'taste' good food in order for them to be able to cook good food? I imagine there are so many different ways you can engage students in learning to cook - but perhaps theory is the hardest?

    1. Hi Maari,
      Some thought provoking questions there!
      I definately think that a sense of taste comes with experience, especially in order to differentiate and decifer the individual taste sensatiosn within a dish. I am always amazed at blind tastings of wine, tea or coffee when the experts can place the type of grape/bean/leaf, year and origin, through smell, sight and taste!