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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Activity Six; Developing the draft plan

(I had a few problems adding this, so another huge learning curve for me, hope you can read the ideas ok.)

This mind-map of ideas has been generated from some background reading involving the ADDIE instructional design model which is an acronym for analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation(Wikipedia), my intention is that this plan displays the process.

I intend to present my flexibility plan based on the Conference and Events paper (Level 5 applied) in the 2nd year of the Diploma in Travel and Tourism.   The course relies on blended delivery with on-line tools and lecturer direction, in the initial stage. I hope to introduce course blogs so that they can plot their progress and start to take ownership of their learning.  The students will set up their own companies and co-ordinate a virtual conference and plan, develop and implement an event, presenting their e-portfolio's as the final assessment.

Weaknesses of the plan so far; The success of the process relies on collaboration and communication between the students to complete their part of the activities.
It relies on the lecturer knowing the process of blog set up and maintenance, not so sure at the moment.
How do I assess this ? I need to progress the peer assessment criteria.

Strengths;  The students have a good foundation of knowledge from previous travel and tourism papers. There is a good structure in place and room for flexibility in terms of content, instructional approach, delivery and logistics (Collis&Moonen,2004).  The scheduled class time becomes tutorial and meeting time for the students as the project progresses, with direction from the lecturer.

My vision for the paper;  To be able to collaborate with other OP departments to plan, prepare and implement an event/conference e.g. Excite, themed dinners, graduation celebrations, promotional tours using mentors to help the students with the project management.


  1. Helen your diagram was worth the challenge I must say. It is a well focused representation of your plan. As part of the ADDIE model of design, one thing you could do is to put the model for the paper to students for their feedback about being involved in a project to organise an event, and also to find out how they feel about using blogs. Of course if you end up doing this it is a good idea to have something to show them, otherwise they most likely wont know what you mean.

    When you are setting up the paper using your design ideas, you can also do some evaluation along the way - the Addie model infers it should be left to the end, but it is advisable to gather feedback along the way when implementing a new approach. You could get feedback from colleagues, students and /or experts from industry on the different stages. Also your observations of how it is working are valuable so it would be a good idea to record these somehow, and perhaps discuss the process with a mentor as part of this evaluative process. Really what you will be doing on is reflecting on the process, and what is working or not.

    If the blog is used for students to record the process of planning the event, and their reflections on it, you could assess the reflective process only. My Reflective Framework could form the basis for the rubric.

    Or the blog could be assessed on the components they need to include in the event planning plus reflections on the process. In this course, the blog posts are designed so that participants can demonstrate their understanding of flexible learning and the process of planning for flexibility - so it is a vehicle for the final assessment. There are lots of different ways to use a blog and it does not need to be assessed directly.

    What would you expect to be demonstrated through the students' blogs?

  2. Thanks for your valuable feedback Bronwyn. My philosophy has always been it is the process not always the product that is important, however if the product is food and drink and the evaluation is being done by someone else, then the final result needs to be of an acceptable quality. Last year the students had a weekly meeting to plan their event, they sent the minutes to me for evaluation. This year the results of their meetings and planning will be posted on the blog, with weekly feedback.