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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Activity Twelve - Organisations

How do your ideas for flexible learning, and those of your organisation or consultancy fit (or not) with the TES for NZ?

My Son had his cross country today and I could see the relief on his face when he could see the finish line, I know how he feels!!!!
I think this post title should be 'losing the plot! me or them, or both!

The Government's vision is that all New Zealanders should have ;
'Access to high-quality tertiary education (that) enriches people's lives, increases their employment opportunities and helps to build a productive skills base to drive economic growth.'

Part of that vision is to move New Zealand away from being a low wage economy, with many people doing unskilled jobs.
The strategy is how the government proposes we get there and whether the organisation I work in provides relevant and efficient processes that support that strategy for the future.  The TES and many other sectors will need to 'live within its means and do more with less', which prompts us to be proactive and look at new and innovative ways of teaching many people with fewer resources, less contact time and less man-power, is flexible learning the answer?  It certainly provides opportunity to think outside the box and be resourceful with new technology so that the same quality education is provided in new and surprising ways.

After reading the TES, OP's strategic plan/charter, the Maori strategic plan and the Literacy/numeracy one, I got a sense that they all aligned very neatly, in fact almost intertwined with each other in their visions and strategies.
Accessible learning for all, any time, any place, any where;

'We will continue to develop our courses for flexible delivery to facilitate learning in regional centres, in workplaces and in people's homes. ' OP Charter.

What do you need to include in your plan to fit with the TES for NZ?

  • Continue to work with Industry to ensure that the learning meets Industry needs. (PEAC)
  • A reliable and relevant moderation process that ensures Industry relevant skills
  • Continue to offer STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) programmes to encourage the flow of secondary students into further education
  • Continue to embed literacy, language and numeracy skills throughout the plan

I need to ensure that I continue to enhance my teaching role with up-dated quality resources, self moderation to ensure that the training/education is providing skills for employment, and creating a flexible approach where learning new technological skills will provide the flexibility to access  the wider community. 
Short and sweet, now on to weaving it all together!!!!!

References;  Draft Literacy and Numeracy Implementation Strategy released


  1. A good assessment of how you are planning to align with the TES. Sometimes I wonder if the emphasis we have to place on industry requirements impacts on a rich learning experience for students, one that will carry them forward into becoming lifelong learners? Any thoughts on this?

  2. Yes, I would agree, it also comes down to time restraints in getting through the course content. However with the rich and broad variety of practical experiences we give our Hospitality students, there is scope for some of them to carry this forward.