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Monday, 25 June 2012

Summary of my Flexible Learning Plan

This is in the form of a powerpoint presentation, comprising 7 slides.

Slide 1;  Definition of flexible learning  - Link to Activity 2

Slide 2 ;     What is the Plan? - Link to Activity 6

Slide 3;      Why have I chosen to do this?  - Link to Activity 4
Creating a safe environment where students have equal access to course materials, activities, interactions and assessments.  Within an environment that fosters respectful behaviour, inclusive of different cultures.  Using Ice breakers activities to help the groups go through the process of forming, storming, norming and performing

Slide 4;      Who are my Students?  - Link to Activity 3

Slide 5;      Honey and Mumford; Typology of Learners - Link to Activity 8
Within Kolb's Learning Cycle.  4 stages of learning which follow on from each other, Honey and Mumford have built learning styles around this sequence, identifying individual preferences for each stage.

Slide 6;      How will I do this?   - Link to Activity 7
Socio-cognitive learning perspective, Vygotsky's(1978) Zone of Proximal Development, embedded in this perspective is the idea that understanding results from personal interactions in social contexts.  Thus, students are viewed as participants in the construction of meaning through their interactions with others (Black, 2005).  To promote a higher level of thinking (critical), students will provide feedback to each other, and thus, co-construct knowledge and understanding(Roehler & Cantion,1997), which is the Active experimentation part of Kolb's Learning Cycle.
This will sit within the framework of Otago Polytechnic's Strategic Plan and the process for inspiring capability in our students.

Slide 7;      References

Thanks, Bronwyn for all your advice and guidance, I have learnt so much in a short space of time, lets just hope I can pass it on to my students now!

Good luck to all those that are yet to present!!  Its not that bad really!!

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